Feedback from FDN Food Distribution Partners, Fall 2020:

From Christa Nunez – Quarter Acre for the People, a project of Khuba International:

Khuba International believes the partnership with FDN is a vital one that supports our ongoing fresh food distribution to families experiencing food insecurity especially in the Linderman Creek Apts and other housing developments throughout Ithaca. Having consistent access to healthy sources of food is a human right that we support and while we focus our work primarily on developing ways for folks to govern land and grow their own food, being able to deliver fresh and prepared food to homes is an invaluable resource in the interim as people begin to construct their own pathways to land, housing and food liberation. 

From John & Dody Martin – Caroline Food Pantry:

FDN provides us the opportunity twice a month to pick up food from Wegmans, BJ’S and Ithaca Bakery. Since this food is free, it is a tremendous financial blessing to us and a tremendous provision for our clients. Besides those regular pickups we also occasionally have other foods that FDN offers us.

From Chloe Boutelle – Farm to School Coordinator:

FDN is a wonderful partner for Farm to  School because FDN because identifies opportunities for schools to receive surplus farm produce! If a farmer has a surplus crop that they want to donate, they know they can turn to FDN to get it to those in need throughout the community.  FDN makes sure food goes to those most in need first and if there still happens to be more than the community can handle schools can step in to serve the produce to their students! Thank you FDN!

From Melissa Madden – PressBay Food Transfer Hub:

 I run both the PressBay Frienship Food Pantry (Mondays 3-5) and volunteer doing the cheese donations for Lively Run. In both cases I rely heavily on FDN’s networks to receive and distribute food as it flows into the PressBay Food Hub and out into all of the smaller associated pantries. Without FDN we would 100% be unable to operate our lean, small downtown pantry each week- we rely on FDN for 85% of our donated food.

We are always able to redirect food we cannot use at the end of each Monday Pantry, including scraps/spoiled food to farmers we are connected with via the Food Hub.

From Melissa Perry – Child Development Council:

FDN provides an aspect of stability for families who experience food insecurity. We distribute food boxes to community families who particiapte in our baby supplies and family planning supplies drive thrus. These boxes of food are essential for some families, supplemental for others. I have literally seen families breathe a sigh of relief when being given a box of food.  FDN is flexible so we are able to meet the changing food needs of families- some weeks we have many families who need food, some weeks, just a few.