Volunteer Needs

FDN would not exist without the amazing volunteers who dedicate their time to rescuing food and reducing hunger in our communities.

FDN needs reliable volunteers who can work independently.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Transporting and sorting food donations
  • On call availability to answer the FDN phone
  • Participate in one of FDN’s working groups
    • Public Relations
    • Development
    • Food Sourcing
    • Neighborhood Food Hubs
    • Operations
    • Facilities
  • Organizational support
    • Design
    • Writing
    • Administrative activities
    • Table at events
    • Educational outreach


Volunteer Spotlight

Carol Ann Brust – Volunteer Spotlight

Interview conducted in 2016 by Bruce Estes. Carol Ann Brust recalls having her interest sparked in FDN about six years ago when Judy Dietz described what the organization did to provide needy people with nutritious food that might otherwise be discarded. Judy was then president of the FDN and a whirlwind of energy who invested […]


Contact us if you are interested in volunteering with Friendship Donations Network.

(607) 216-9522