Gleaning is Gorges

(Glean: verb, to gather from the fields after the main harvest)

Dear community members,

We are pleased to share with you a Win-Win-Win opportunity to glean vegetables from our local farms to serve hungry folks!

Win #1 = farmers receive a service of removing surplus produce from their fields;
Win #2 = community members get to enjoy agricultural landscapes while learning about harvest and working together;
Win #3 = hunger relief programs receive this locally harvested produce, so that all community members have an opportunity to enjoy fresh, local produce.

Gleaning has been happening in our community for years and now farmers and food rescuers are teaming up to create a more organized, sustainable approach, so that we can make it easy for farmers and volunteers to engage in this win-win partnership that benefits our whole community. You are welcome to participate and offer feedback; together we can create awesomeness!

Do you farm and want to invite gleaning on your land? Do you wish to volunteer to harvest vegetables? Do you have ideas for final destinations of these vegetables? If you answer yes to any of these, email: to get involved!


The Glean Team 

  • Jean Gerow, volunteer
  • Aaron Munzer, Plowbreak Farm 
  • Meaghan Sheehan Rosen, Friendship Donations Network 
  • Sondra Wayman, volunteer