Introducing Neighborhood Food Hubs!

Gardeners: Do you have extra produce from your garden? We can help it find a home!
Friendship Donations Network Introduces the Pilot Year of 
Neighborhood Food Hubs!
Purpose of Neighborhood Food Hubs

  • Help home gardeners donate their extra garden bounty.
  • Connect neighbors and communities to fresh, healthy,
    hyper-local food.
  • Reduce waste.

How Hubs Work

Neighborhood Food Hubs make donating garden produce easy!  A volunteer Hub Holder hosts a cooler on their front porch one day a week, which will serve as the drop-off location for produce. The Hub Team transfers produce from the Hub to FDN for redistribution to food pantries, other local meal programs, and individuals. The 2013 collection will start on July 15, more details coming soon.

How Hubs Help

  • Improves community access to fresh food.
  • Raises awareness about the impact of home-grown food.
  • Rescues lovingly-grown food from an untimely end at the compost heap.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Got an easily accessible porch?  Become a Hub Host!
  • Not ready to host a Hub?  Assist as a Hub Team volunteer.
  • Drop off your produce at a nearby Hub whenever you have extra.
  • Tell your neighbors about the Hub.

In order to launch this pilot project, we need 12 volunteers. Would you like to be involved? Orientations will be held in late June and early July. Please contact FDN for details. Phone: 607-216-9522 Email: info at

Your donations of fresh produce are essential to FDN’s efforts to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in our community.  Thank you!