Tompkins Food Future

Tompkins Food Future is a bold movement to build a more sustainable, equitable, healthy and affordable local food system for all members of our community.

Tompkins County residents are invited to share their thoughts in a brief questionnaire that will lay the groundwork for a community food system plan to achieve our collective vision. Visit:

The survey will remain open until March 15, 2021.

Why Food? Why Now? 

The start of the pandemic made us all aware that our food system is vulnerable – with empty grocery store shelves, processing plants shutting down, and farmers dumping milk. However, it’s been clear for a long time that our current food system does not work for all.  Decisions about how food is produced, processed, sold, eaten, shared and disposed of have powerful ripple effects in all aspects of society. Changes to our food system change our relationships to one another and to the planet. To ensure a secure food future, we are seeking ideas from you, our community, about changes for the better.   

Our Approach

Transformations begin at the community level. Tompkins Food Future is a broad community planning initiative to develop a vision for the future of our food system. Rooted in research and the needs and goals of our community, this vision is being developed through an inclusive process of community engagement with all citizens –  those who grow, process, distribute, prepare and serve, and eat food– especially those most impacted by inequities in the food system. we’re eager to learn from you what efforts, policies and programs our community wants and needs. 

Lend Your Voice

Help us move toward a more sustainable, equitable, healthy and affordable food system by completing the Tompkins Food Future Community Questionnaire:

Your ideas, insights, and perspectives will lay the groundwork for a community food system plan. Once drafted, we will reach back out to you for your ideas on the specific policies, programs and actions that our community can take toward a more secure food future.

Food System Plan

Tompkins Food Future will culminate in a dynamic comprehensive report and website that includes research findings, community stories, goals and recommendations determined by the community that will inform planning, policy, program and investment opportunities that will transform the Tompkins County food system in the years to come. 

Tompkins Food Future is a collaboration among the Tompkins County Food Policy Council, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, the Tompkins County Food Task Force and many other community partners. The project is generously supported by the Tompkins County Legislature and the Community Foundation of Tompkins County, and is housed at CCE Tompkins.

Please visit us on our website to access the questionnaire and follow our work in 2021:

Check out our recent report for updates:


Katie Hallas at

Tompkins County Food Policy Council

Community Food Systems Plan Coordinator at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County

Cornell Cooperative Extension is an employer and educator recognized for valuing AA/EEO, Protected Veterans, and Individuals with Disabilities and provides equal program and employment opportunities.