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In the news

The Friendship Donations Network has been making news lately! Ithaca Times 1/21/09: Putting the Friendship into Ithaca area food donations Ithaca Times 1/7/09: Local Lovers Challenge wraps up, Friendship Donations Network benefits

Fundraising Drive

Are you able to help Friendship Donations Network (FDN)? To date, funding is partially available for 2010 expenses for the part-time director’s salary of $16,000.  This position is critical to allow the current director, who is unable to continue, to step down.  The annual budget for 2010 is projected to be $45,000 During these critical […]

7-08 Immac. Concep. Pantry Pictures

These photos taken by Martin Luster show the quantity and variety of mostly fresh perishable food donated and distributed by the Immaculate Conception food pantry in just one day to over 150 families.